Your body is your own portal to pleasure!

It contains so many hidden gems of pleasurable sensations

Your whole body can become orgasmic, feeling pleasure, feeling love, feelings aliveness. 
Every cell of you can sing the tune of orgasmicness. 

Most of us lost contact with our body, living our life from our head space. No longer aware of what your body has to tell you, no longer aware of the subtle sensations of pleasure. Never learned how many ways of self pleasure are actually available for us. 

We know the peak orgasm, but there is a lot more. You can have valley orgasms that come in waves and last a lot longer. The orgasmicness can spread over your whole body, your can have energy orgasms. Cry-gasms, laugh-gasms, even anger-gasms.

In this course I give you a first experience of what is possible for you in your own body.
I guide you into creating a deeper connection with the subtle sensations of your body.

Help you add the breath into your pleasure practice.
The breath that is capable of opening new doors of experiences for yourself. I give you guided practices that help you connect these tools and this new awareness of your body. 

Dive deeper in what pleasure means for you and how you can bring more of it into your life! 

Because your body is build for orgasmicness and pleasure!  


L, Male 54 years

While doing the 2nd practise for the first time I got the feeling of a sort of jolt, and pleasureable feelings entered my body.

At the end of the practise when I was breathing normally there were deep pleasurable feelings that just whelmed up.

"I am amazed how much openness is created with the breath work!"

Charelle, female

"I loved this course! 

The guided practices Renee offered me to receive and allow pleasure in with every breath. 

It opened me up to a whole new level of relating to my body, the world around me and how blissful life truly is. 

Thank you Renee, for introducing me to your work."  

Gerard, male

I got a lot out of your mini course. I got into a deeper layer again with exploring my own body.

Thank you for helping to get me started, you are very pleasant to listen to and it feels very nice and personal to be in touch this way.

A new experience for me!

Thank you.

What will you receive from me?

A pleasure filled mini-course with three different practices

- Body meditation

To help you connect to your body and all your hidden and beautiful physical sensations. Helping you to get out of your thoughts and into your amazing body.

- Sensual breath-work practice

To open up your body and your sensuality.

Helping you to open up your pelvis for more pleasure and energy to flow. Experiencing a new richness in sensual experiences in your sex centre.

- Guided sensual embodied pleasure practice!

Were we connect all that you have learned into a new way of self-pleasure.

A blissful practice that will guide you into a new realm of self-pleasure experiences.

This will be the start of you becoming a full-body orgasmic being!


- Exploration workbook with daily journalling questions about pleasure, sexuality and shame you might feel around these items. 

- Video and audio guidance for the practices

- The option to share your experiences with other people in the course.

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Hi, I’m Renee

I am a sexuality, love and relationships coach.

My passion is helping you to connect deeper with your own body. To help you get out of your worries, out of your headspace and let you land inside yourself.

I love guiding you to become embodied: in touch with yourself, with your desires, your sensations, your emotions, your pleasure and your personal power!

"I loved this course!

The guided practices Renee offers helped me to receive and allow pleasure in with every breath.

It opened me up to a whole new level of relating to my body, the world around me, and how blissful life truly is.

Thank you Renee, for introducing me to your work. "

– Charelle, 


How does this sound to you?

Would you like to learn to connect deeper with your own body, with your sensations, and with the hidden pleasure potential inside you?

The tools you learn in this mini-course are tools that have helped me to become aware of my body, the energy and all the sensations in it.

This awareness created the opening to experience new realms of pleasure and sensuality with myself and in life.

The awareness to feel pleasure in a way I had never felt before!

I love to share them with you and help you on your path of exploration!

Get this amazing mini-course now and start your pleasure filled life today!