Do you want :

To feel calm and vibrant at the same time?
Have a stronger sense of worthiness and confidence in yourself.
A deeper connection with your body and the pleasure inside yourself?

In this online course I share with you the amazing tools that helped me go from numb & low energy into
feeling alive & vibrant.
The practices that helped me get to living life with such a deeper level of confidence and trust in both life in general and in myself.

These amazing tools also helped me to discover the great 0rgasmic potential of my full body!

5 reasons why I love breathwork:

Watch the video to hear them all :)

This course is closed for enrollment.

Don't you wish that instead of numbing yourself to not to feel stressed or empty.

That instead you would know ways to deal with what life trows at you?

That you have the ability to turn your stress and emotional pain into a moment of aliveness and trust?

To turn the stress into something that feels good?

Whenever I experience stress I know I have the tendency to try to not feel it. To numb myself and push it down. 

When I do this I can feel the tension rising in my body over time. My back muscles becoming stiffer, my body’s movement becoming less and less.

My shoulders start to move forward, my chest collapses under the mental pressure and accompanied fear. And instead of really feeling it all gets stored in my body.

And this is something a lot of people tend to do. We just have never learned the healthy ways to release stress, to release emotions from our brain and body.

And when we don’t do something to move out the stress, our body keeps it inside. Our body will contain the stress in a form of musculair and fascial tension. This tension and the choice to not feel, numbs us and pushes down our personality, our confidence and our daily energy. 

When this numbing builds up inside me, I feel less energised. I have trouble starting the day. Having to drag myself out of bed in the morning, finding it hard to motivate myself to start doing my work.

I postpone, I experience lack of inspiration, less motivation and creativity.

Distracting myself with easy entertainment that doesn’t really fulfil me BUT is pretty addictive.

Wasting away so much time in the numbed out zone where I shut out the rest of the world and just let the days pass by. 

A couple of years ago I was so fed up with constantly dragging myself through my days, not feeling inspired, not feeling alive, and not daring to trust my inner guidance and follow my excitement, fed up with feeling unhappy, not good enough, not lovable enough.. So fed up

This fed up feeling jump-started my journey of exploration and personal growth. 

And oh boy, how many amazing experiences has that brought me! 

I started coming out of my introvert, insecure, overthinking, fearful person shell. 

I started to consciously and consistently to step out of my comfort zone while following my excitement. Trusting my heart, my gut to tell me what direction to take. Trusting my path and everything that unfolded on it. 

Experiencing embodiment, relaxation of my mind, deeper highs and lows in my feelings, sensations and experiencing amazing bliss states that my own body could give me.

States of pleasure that I had never experience before. Feeling the energy buzzing through my body and at the same time a building of calmness and confidence inside myself with every step that I took. 

One of the first tools I discovered that opened new worlds for me was breathwork. 

And since then I keep learning new ways of breathwork, it continues to help me expand and bring me back to bliss and aliveness whenever I practise it. 

Just before I started writing this text I also did a breath-work practise. And even though, as usual, I felt some resistance to start, I did it anyway. And every time, again and again while doing it I realise how much it brings me. 

Today when I started I experienced a lot of muscular tension in my upper back. I felt stiff and uninspired (with a big to do list for today, that was already making me sigh just thinking about it) 

I started my 20 minuten breathwork practise anyway. 

And when breathing it I quickly felt my body becoming alive again.

Some emotions surfaced, and with the breath I could release them from my body.

After this I started to feel a buzzing vibration entering my whole body system.

While some of the tensions in my fascia were beginning to leave my body, my body started to open up for the energy to flow.

I felt my solar plexus area (upper belly) become warm and softer. My body wanted to unwind and move a little in certain directions to release more tension and stuck energy. 

I felt myself dropping deeper into the moment, into connection with my body and my inner wisdom and strength. 

Enjoying my own body’s pleasurable sensations and letting go of any disruptive thoughts. 

When the guided breathwork practises stopped I let my body unwind for a little longer, enjoying the feeling of the vibrancy and energy all over my skin. 

And when my mind started to turn back on again I felt inspiration entering! I suddenly had clarity around a workshop idea and felt fully inspired to start writing this text 🙂 

Immediately after the breathwork I got behind my computer and started typing in free flow.

Resulting in getting a lot of work done without feeling that I had to push myself. Just allowing my inspiration to get lit up and then channeling it into my work. Producing a lot of text for this page with effortless flow.

My day has just begun and I already feel inspired and satisfied with this wonderful start. Knowing that I have found the right state of inspiration, of energy and confidence to create from, too expres from and to connect with!

Feeling more grounded, embodied, focused and vitalised. Trusting in my inner knowledge, my wisdom and feeling ready to step into the role of leader, of leading others on this path of embodied exploration.

And because of these kind of experiences, of feeling how it has helped me and is still helping me

I would love to spread this breathwork gift to more people in the world. And to do that I have created a 21-day breathwork course for men.

In this course I will not just share one breathwork practise with you but the amazingly number of SIX powerful and potent guided breathwork practises.

Each practises designed to help you experience different states inside your self. Sometimes more primal and wild, sometimes more calm and getting you into silence of mind and emptiness, others more juicy and sensual creating beautiful states of 0rgasmicness and bliss that will bring you a stronger and longer satisfaction that your current pleasure states 😉 

Over the course of 21 days you will be guided into doing at least one breathwork practise each day. Building up your potential to experience ecstatic bliss states, releasing tension from your body, vitalising yourself, opening up your system for full energy flow, dropping deeper into your body and finding the stillness in the moment, inside yourself. 

Your body is amazing and is capable to give you so much beautiful states of pleasure!

I am looking forward in guiding you in this journey of breathing into aliveness, calmness and ecstatic bliss!  

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This course is closed for enrollment.

A little bit more about my background story:

For me it started 3,5 years ago.

After a breakup I felt like I had totally lost myself, my spark, my confidence and my joy in life.

I decided I was ready to work on my underlying worthiness and abandonment problems & and that I wanted more out of life. The result of this decision: me stepping into the best rollercoaster ride of my life!

Since then I tried and explored so many things, and gained tons of knowledge, experience and training. I stepped outside of my comfort zone a million times, managed to get rid of 80% of my worries, learned many different tools and new ways to create deeper pleasure and aliveness for myself.

I have built such a deep trust in following my own path and inner wisdom. And in the process, I have released so much stuck stress, mental trauma and physical tension from my body.

And the fun part was: in releasing these emotions, stress, trauma and tension: I started to experience many new ways of pleasure and vibrancy in my own body.

The more I let go of what held me back, the more aliveness and pleasure came alive in every cell of my body!

So much potential that was hidden inside myself, inside my own body that I never was aware of.

That I never learned to access before. Things I never heard or learned about because almost all of us are unaware of what is possible inside ourselves.

We are unaware of the amazing potential that our own body can bring to us!

So I am here to spread this beauty.

To spread the wisdom of the pleasure potential of your own body.

To bring your body and your cells back alive!

When some of my experiences sound familiar to you,

I challenge you to try it out with me!

To make the choice and open up to the amazing things your own body can bring.

Starting with: the 21 days of breathe into aliveness - online course!

In this online course, you will learn multiple breathwork practises were we use the breath and your body in different ways.

The breath can help you to release tension and stress, to drop into deeper relaxation, to open up your body for energy to flow through your system, creating pleasurable sensations and deep aliveness for you in daily life.

Changing your internal state to let go of the constant worrying, thoughts and building up of stress.

Contacting and strengthening your inner source of grounded power inside your body.

Embodied experiences, tantric practises, emotional release practises, meditation, breathwork and mindset work all combined in a powerful 21-day course that will change your life for the good!

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This course is closed for enrollment.

Breathe into Aliveness online course

What will you receive in this course?

Every week you receive access to two new practises that you can do daily in your own home for the next 7 days.

You will get life-time access to the material so you can revisit and repeat the practices at any time.

- Week 1: open up your Body for aliveness:

* Embodied Primal Breathwork:

Guided audio practise helping you connect with your primal energy. Created to help you get out of your head and out of your controlling mind & into the embodied state of aliveness and vibrancy.

Breathing into your whole body, release stuck tension. Opening yourself to experience bliss-states and aliveness.

Instead of your brain to guide you, you allow your body’s wisdom to take over!

* Grounded Breath with emotional acceptance

A slower, nurturing practise where you will find acceptance and calmness within. This practise helps you to connect to your place of safety inside you and and the same time anchoring in a connection to the density of the earth & helping you to release tension, emotion and stress in a soft and calming way.

Helping you to remain centered in the outer world by giving yourself a way to cleanse and stabilise yourself in the inner world.

Once you feel safe to feel your emotions you will take the first steps into releasing them and with that freeing up the previous stuck energy, now creating space for new positive energies!

- Week 2: From Tension to Pleasure:

* Connecting with your sensations and bone breathing:

Finding the subtle sensations in your body, creating relaxation, calmness and grounding in your life. A practises that brings you into a state of embodiment, relaxation and presence in the right now moment. Centering yourself in your own body.

Helping you to become aware of the pleasurable sensations in your own body in every moment.

& Experience stillness inside yourself.

The more aware you become of your body's sensations, the more pleasure you will experience in daily life

* Pleasure breath!

One of my personal favorites :)

A sensual, juicy, guided breath-work practise for experiencing more pleasure & helping you creating deeper pleasurable states inside yourself. Using the breath to open up your pelvic floor, to open up your body for a free flow of energy.

Bringing you pleasure and bliss in ways you have not experienced before.

Opening up your pelvic floor and your whole body for fulfilment and rapture. Becoming more aware of the subtle and energetic pleasure in your own body.

- Week 3: Move the Energy through your body!

* Release and Witness

A practise where you will learn extra tools to release whatever is blocking you and at the same time find peace within. Helping you to become more capable of embracing whatever arises for you in life.

Helping you to release what is blocking you and bringing in the capacity of presence and of witnessing oneself. To feel more powerful when meeting your emotions and bringing in the capacity of becoming grounded and present with yourself, with your own body and your emotions. 

Navigating the flow of life and emotional disturbance in a healthy way that keeps you open to receive the good feeling states.

* Full body energy breathwork

Moving the breath and the energy through your whole body. Building up release, power and energy inside you. Connecting you to the power within you.

Using your own energy and visualisation to deepen the aliveness, vibrance and bliss states.

Circulating and strengthening the good sensations.

Helping you to connect your whole body with your energy and internal power.

Building up the ecstatic states and aliveness inside you!

Doing these practises daily for 21 days in a row will bring you to:

Higher states of Bliss,



Confidence & Stillness inside yourself

And as a result you wil feel better, become more alive and you will start to allow the energy to support you & flow through your body.

Your environment will feel your shift of energy, even though they might not be able to put it into words. Your magnetic power for attracting what you desire will grow. Others will be drawn to your energy in a deeper way.

By fully embodying a deeper confidence and calmness combined with a higher energy level. You will be able to step up your game in all area's of life. Experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and balance in your daily life.

These practises will change your inner state for the good.

Will give you tools and inner mastery that will continue to support you for the rest of your life!

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This course is closed for enrollment.

Included in the course is:

- Life time access to the course and to any upgrades that happen in the future

- 6 guided audio practises that you can continue to use for the rest of your life. Including written and/or video explanations and guidance. (Worth per practice = € 95 --> 6 x 95 = total worth €570)

- Life changing experiences = priceless!

- Online support in the course, if you have questions:

ask them in the course environment and I will answer them for you: Worth € 99

- It's a total save investment: I offer a 14 Day money-back guarantee if the practices don't work out for you

And! when you buy now you will get:

- Free BONUS:

Journalling into aliveness exploration workbook for every week.

Every week I will include a journalling workbook. A guided self-inquiry writing exploration.

Bringing awareness to your current situation, your limiting beliefs and blockages.

Helping you to step into a new you, the empowered and alive versions of yourself.

The version of you that has been waiting to show himself to the world.

The version of you that is ready to rock it, to take the next step, to grow even bigger and bolder!

Worth 3 x €75 = €225 --> You get it for free

Total worth of the course and the bonuses: € 842

And you get it ALL for just the one-time investment of €199!

Optional VIP Bonus: If you are ready to dive deep or want extra personal support for your life's journey:

A VIP extra for those who are ready to step up their game even more:

3 one-on-one private online coaching sessions where we work with your limiting beliefs and struggles, transforming them into your personal power. Helping you to get even more aliveness and pleasure in life. I'm a certified Love, se.x, and relationship coach. And offer video coaching sessions to help you getting your desires fulfilled.

These sessions last 75 minute and and will be life changing, healing and juicy! We explore your desires, what is blocking you to get there and I will support you into becoming the full embodied version of the future you.

These sessions are extremely powerful! We work but all parts of your brain (the conscious, subconscious and unconscious) to get your whole mind behind your desired goal and to release you from any unconscious blockages. We combine working with the mind and working with the body. Because they are connected in ways you are unaware of and supporting both your mind and your body will create the biggest possible changes for you.

You can now book a 3 sessions coaching package: the normal price is € 330 per coaching session = €990 for a 3 sessions package.

The course is €199, so together they would be €1189


--> When you are all-in and buy these 3 session now together with the course:

I offer you this one-time chance to get 3 private coaching sessions in combination with the "breath into aliveness" course for just €999!

Instead of paying €1189,- for the sessions and the course together you get them for €999.

So essentially you pay for 3 sessions and you get the online course for free!

This saves you €190 euro's in total and is a 16% discount in comparison to the normal price for this package! :)

When you want this, you choose the VIP option when you enroll in the course.

There is also a payment plan available for the VIP option, scroll down to find these options.

What will you get when you go VIP:

  • 3 online coachings sessions of 75 minutes were we dive into your personal desires and the (unconscious) blockages that keep you from getting your desired goal. In these sessions I hold space for you and will guide you into powerful practices to gain clarity, healing, release, empowerment and pleasure.
  • Helping you to transform your beliefs & getting you out of repeating the same patterns and mistakes again and again.
  • In addition to the private sessions, you will receive guided personalised practises in between our sessions. These guided practises will be tailored to your personal goal and needs. These will be a variety of embodiment, mindset, pleasure practises, meditations or breathwork. All practises will help you to empower yourself and to raise your inner vibration. These personalised practices will be designed to strengthen the new positive connections we encountered in the sessions. Creating a stronger feeling of safety, power and clarity within you. Via these practices we will connect you subconscious and unconscious beliefs with your goals and desires for life. Creating a super potent form of coaching where all the layers of your brain will come aboard to support the new version of you!
  • I also offer email and short audio messages support between our sessions to help you whenever you face challenges or have questions arising.
  • When needed in times of higher stress, overwhelm or anything else that you need some extra support with: You can book a 15 minute laser coaching session to help you in the moment. (This is included once, we try to find a moment within 36 hours of your request.)

What will the sessions bring you:

  • The opportunity to expand yourself on anything related to (self)love, sexuality or relationships.
  • Combining the course with these private sessions will accelerate your growth, will make the positive connection with your body and your internal energy even stronger and will bring you deeper levels of pleasure in your life! Helping you to feel freer to follow your inner guidance and your personal desires in life.
  • A safe space where you can explore everything related to your body, your emotions, sexuality, love and relationship. I am there to support you to get clarity, healing and pleasure.
  • New experiences of pleasure, consciousness, stillness, and connection with your own body and desires.

Why invest in these sessions now?

  • This is a one time opportunity to get them with a 16% discount. Normally a single session cost €330 and I usually only offer them in packages with a minimum of 5 sessions.
  • In combination with this 'Breathe into Aliveness' course, you can now book 3 sessions with a 16% discount meaning you only pay for the 3 sessions and you get the online course for Free!

Why you want to be coached by me!

  • I am a trained tantric se.x, love and relationship coach. In my sessions, we work with the powerful combination of the mind and the body. Thereby changing not only your thoughts about something but also releasing the unconscious beliefs and patterns that are kept inside your body and that are actually holding you back from making changes. In the last 3,5 years I have invested €25.000 and over 2500 hours in my own personal growth path and into learning how to help and coach others in this. Learning and experiencing Tantra, embodiment, coaching, mindset work, spirituality, meditation, emotional trauma healing, learning a lot about self-love, building a business, our nervous-system and how to deal and work with (emotional)stress, and I went on and exploration of my own se.xuality, making dreams come true that I never even knew I had
  • In these powerful coaching sessions we are working with all three parts of your brain; the primal part, the limbic system and your neo-cortex (the unconsious, the subconscious and the conscious part of your brain) to create lasting changes for you.
  • I offer a soft and caring space in the sessions, an openness for everything related to my coaching area, an observing and analytical mind combined with a strong embodiment and bodily awareness with tons of personal experiences in a wide ranch of areas related to love and se.xuality.
  • By using pleasure practises to help you re-instate the new version of yourself we make the coaching not only extremely effective but also empowering and energizing.
  • Because we work with the mind and body we get the whole of your person aligned with your personal desire and with getting closer to your goal!

If you are ready to take this amazing opportunity choose the VIP option when you invest in the course

Click the Button below and choose either the Course-only or the VIP option which contains both the course and 3 private coaching sessions (payment plan available for VIP option)

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It's time to make your choice

You have the choice to:

Do nothing, just stay where you are and accept that nothing is going to change for you


the more inspiring and exciting choice

Decide that you are ready for a change.

That you are open to explore new experiences & that you can feel more happiness, stability and aliveness

You are ready to feel calm and vibrant at the same time

To experience a stronger sense of worthiness and confidence

To have a deeper connection with your body and the pleasure inside yourself!

You only have one life to live, make it a good one!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

- How much time do I need to invest in this course?

The Breath into aliveness course consists of 3 weeks.

Every week you receive two new guided practises.

One more active practice & one calmer practice.

You can alternate between them for a week and just do one practise every day. This will only cost you about 30 minutes of your time each day.

The next week, you receive two new practises, and the same goes for the third week.

If you want to dive in full-on and have more time to spare, you can also choose to do two practises every day instead of one.

This way you have 3 sets of two practise.

Each set you do 7 days in a row, after 7 days you switch to the next set of practices.

When time is an issue for you: don't worry one practice a day or spreading them out over 6 weeks instead of 3 is already an amazing way to change your life! Whatever works for you at this moment. It will bring the best experience for you.

Following the course and doing these practices for 21 days will definitely change how you feel about yourself and will change your experience of life for the good.

If you like the practises, you can continue to do them after the course ends.

You get lifetime access to the course so you can always come back and revisit them!

- What is your professional background and knowledge?

Besides living these practices and experiencing them all for myself & spending time myself doing these practises multiple times in a row, feeling the results inside myself. I do also have professional training in this area :)

My professional journey started in 2007, when I became a physiotherapist in The Netherlands. Working in hospitals a rehabilitation centre, and physical therapy centres, helping people with all kind of physical pain and movement problems. Working with them to heal their body and to get them back in normal movement, work and sports. I have done this work for 12 years in total.

In 2016 I graduated as an Animal Osteopath and started my first personal business. Working with mainly horses and dogs, deepening my medical and neurological knowledge and learning more about the holistic view of the body (the idea that the body and mind are one big system that work together and influence each other).

Since 2016 I started following and practising many different trainings and workshops that included mindset work, around self-love, and empowerment, tantra trainings, embodiment practises and healing modalities, relationship and communication, trauma healing courses and workshops.

This lead me to going full-in in 2019: and choosing to do two year-long trainings.

One in-person tantra year training where I experienced a lot of couples practises and tantric practices and breathwork. Expanding my own comfortzone, learning new subtle ways of energy work and finding another deeper layer of embodiment and release of no longer supported me.

And the second training being a 600+ hour training with Layla Martin to become a se.x, love and relationship coach.

I have graduated from this training and can since then proudly add the 3rd job title to my resume: being a tantric Se.x, love and relationship coach!

In this training we learned to work, online, with breathwork, meditation, embodiment & pleasure practises. In addition to that we learned a lot about tantra, spirituality and also the western scientific knowledge of our body, trauma healing and neurobiology.

All together resulting in probably one of the most intense and extensive coaching trainings in the world.

I now combine all my medical, anatomical, neurobiological knowledge with the spiritual and tantric practises and my own personal experiences.

Together creating a very, very powerful combination of life changing tools!

- What if I try it and it really doesn't work for me?

For just a one-time investment of 199 euro, you can change your life for the good

& It is totally safe to start: I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for the course if it doesn’t work out for you.

So if it doesn't work for you, just send me an email and you can receive your money back.

- Is breathwork safe for everybody?

No, not for everybody.

Almost everyone can do breathwork without problems but there a couple of exceptions!

Breathwork is not safe if you have:

- Epilepsie

- Severe asthma (When you have mild/severe asthma, consult your doctor first before starting the breathwork)

- Have heart failure

- Are pregnant ;)

- Also in addition: If you have severe mental health problems or a history of heavy trauma it will probably be best for you to start with breath-work under private personal guidance to see how your body responds to it.

I am happy to offer this to you, contact me if you want to know more.

- Where can I contact you for additional questions?

If you came her via my Instagram Or Facebook page you can contact me there with additional questions.

Or feel free to send me an email with your questions: [email protected]

Are you ready to dive in and breathe?

Click below and start now :D

This course is closed for enrollment.