What to expect in this course


It is the source of our oxygen, the source of our energy.

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to be able to work properly. So breathing is literally bringing in the energy fuel for our own body.

The breath can be used to heal your energy system, to calm you down or when used in a different way it can light you up, energize and activate you!

It can make your bodily sensations hightened, bring out new pleasurable sensations and states of bliss.

I have experiences my highest bliss states not from drugs or alcohol but from doing breath-work, embodiment practises and energy work.

All powerful experiences that your body can give you from its own internal sources!

I'm so, so happy that I discovered these amazing ways that my own body can make me feel.

Breathwork for me was really a starting point for my body opening up for full body orgasmicness & at the same time it was a huge help in releasing layers of tension and walls of protection that I had build in my body and around my heart.

Because without being aware that we do it, we all have the tendency to tighten (parts of) our body.

This usually happens when we experience stress, pressure from external or internal factors, or experience emotions and feelings that we don't want to feel and prefer to suppress.. When we want more than we can currently make happen or things don't go the way we planned. It also happens when we experience mental or emotional pain and push this away instead of feeling and allowing it to be there..

These are all examples of stress situations that can create tension in our own body's. You might not even be aware of it that you have this tension in your body. At least I wasn't aware of this for the first 32 years of my life. But it is there, it is in your muscles and in your fascia (the soft tissue in your body).

Most of us, or maybe all of us in the Western world, have the tendency to not show certain emotions (because they seem non-appropriate, because you don't feel safe to show them, because you have been taught to suppress them ever since you where a child and never learned healthy ways to release them, because you might even have suffered negative consequences when you did show them, or you showing emotions was used against you, you were bullied because of it, taken advantage of). What ever the reason, every time we don't express them we lock in a new layer of emotion in our body.

It builds up slowly and with time becomes more present and will have an impact on your blood flow and on your posture (think about the forward bend posture of the shoulders of so many people. For me personally this was so deeply connected with the tension around my heart. All the walls of protection and stored heart-ache that I kept in my chest, created the pull froward in my chest muscles. Having negative impact on my upper body posture.

Even while I was working as a physical (physio) therapist I was never fully aware of how deep this tension was present in my and how deeply it was locked into my body.

Only when I started working with these tantric and embodiment practises & with the breath-work I really started to feel this and experience the effect of this deep impact of emotions and stuck stress on my own body.

Emotion = e-motion = energy in motion!

So every emotion holds a certain amount of energy. When we lock this emotion in into our body we also lock in this energy. It gets stored and is no longer available for something else. We feel drained, our emotions flatten, you never fully experience bliss, aliveness and vibrancy. You just move through you daily life doing the tasks, seeing the hours, days, months and years pass without ever fully feeling alive. Or maybe only having short outburst of aliveness (f.i. peak orgasm) and experiencing a quick drop in energy and mood afterwards.

But! it doesn't have to be that way. The more we move the energy, the more tension and stress your release, the more your body will open up to experience pleasure and high vibration emotions.

And the beauty of releasing you stuck emotions and stuck tension is that this locked-in energy becomes free again. The energy was never lost, it's only hidden or blocked.

So the challenge for you, for me, and for every person in this world is to find ways to keep this energy moving. To find healthy ways to release whatever stress you experience from daily life in order to keep your internal energy-flow going.

And this is exactly what we are going to do in this online course!

Every week I will give you 2 practises.

One more active practise and one more meditative/slower practise.

Every day this week you will do either

  • Both practises
  • Or each day you do one practise and alternate between them. So that by the end of the week you have done the first practice of the week a total of four times and have done the second practice of the week a total of three times.

Feel for yourself what your body can handle and also what works for you time wise.

But I do strongly challenge you to do at least one practise every day!

This will help you build up to a release of tension, and at the same time create awareness of your pleasure sensations and help opening up your whole body for a stronger energy flow.

By tapping into your own internal pleasure and energy capacity you will find a stronger balance inside your body and your mind.

A deeper sense of self, of embodiment, of calmness, belonging, trust and confidence.

Paving the way for you to be you in your most amazing state of being!

In the first week we are going to start with the breathwork and with opening up your body to let the energy be moved. This way you are making a good start with releasing stuck tensions and emotions from your system and start to allow new energy to flow!

So, are you ready to start?!

Please check out the Resource page first. Here you will find some practical guidance and information around breathwork. What to expect and when not to do it.

Please read and listen at least once before you start doing the breathwork practises.

Click on the complete button on this page to get to the Resources page :)

And I am wishing you a good journey the next 21 days!

Love, Renee

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